reqT == a free software requirements modeling tool

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With reqT you can ...

  • create & manage requirements models using versatile collections
  • combine natural language expressiveness with type-safe modeling
  • interoperate with spread sheet applications and web publishing
  • do powerful scripting of requirements models with Scala
  • extend the open, internal DSL with your own modeling semantics

> Introduction to reqT

> reqT manual (draft version 0.1)

> reqT metamodel 

> Talks and presentations:
Short paper and presentation (pdf, pptx) at REFSQ2013
   - Presentation (pdf) at SiREN2013
   - Presentation (pdf) at SweConsNet2013

> reqT scaladoc

reqT README at GitHub 

> reqT source code repo with latest snapshot 

> reqT status promotion ladder

> reqT.css file for generated web documents


reqT is is open source under the permissive BSD 2-clause license

Contact Bjorn Regnell if you have suggestions, contributions and questions