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Download reqT command shell v2.3.0:
reqT.jar  (requires (Scala and Java 1.7) or (Kojo and Java 1.7))

Download reqT GUI app v0.5:
   reqT-gui.jar (requires Java 1.7)

How to run the reqT command shell:
1. Install
2. download
3. in terminal run using command: scala -toolcp reqT.jar reqT.jar 

How to run reqT inside Kojo - a Scala scripting environment:
1. Install
2. download reqT.jar and put the file in ~/.kojo/lite/libk/ 
3. download
reqTinit.kojo and put the file in ~/.kojo/lite/initk/

How to run the reqT GUI app - a prototype graphical interface frontend:
1. download
2. in terminal run using command: java -jar reqT-gui.jar 

More information on: HOW-TO-RUN 

Download the reqT source code:

How to install Scala on Linux:
1. Download the latest
Scala tgz file and unpack it
2. Move the unpacked folder with sudo mv to e.g. /usr/share/scala/scala-2.10.3
3. Put these export statement in your ~/.profile file: 
  export SCALA_HOME=/usr/share/scala/scala-2.10.3
  export PATH=$PATH:$SCALA_HOME/bin
4. Log out and log in again and test the installation in a terminal with
  scala -version