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version 2.2 2012-11-29 : Several new features based on user requests
* restrict on sets of entities, e.g.: m / (m / Label("aa")).sources
* File proxy attribute External to load strings externally in toHtml, e.g.:
  > Feature("x") has (Gist("g"), External("myspecstring.txt",Spec.apply))
* Escape sequence convertion from escape chars in toScala
* Newline \n in Attribute values is replaced with <br> in HTML-generation
* Cancelled bad code causing long execution times for large owns-structures 
* m up Feature("x") == (m / Feature("x").up ++ (m \ Feature("x"))
* m down Feature("x") == (m / Feature("x").down ++ (m \ Feature("x"))
* semantic check of owns-relations: m.hasMultiOwners, m.multiOwners
* semantic check of missing Specs: m.hasMissingSpecs, m.missingSpecs
* Ordering of Status and Level: Status(DROPPED) < STATUS(ELICITED)
* check to run all (currently 2) available checks: m.check

version 2.1 2012-11-12 : Minor fixes + improved restric opeator
* you can now restrict models to general strings
> m / "<find source entities containing this string>"
> m /+ "<find this string anywhere>"
> m /-> "<find destination entities containing this string>"
> ls     //list files in user.dir
> dir    // same as ls
* Bug-fix on printing quotes in assigns:
  Model(Class("Guest") assigns(Label("one-to-many")) to Class("Stay")) 

version 2.0 2012-10-21 : Major update & complete refactoring based on user input
* improved DSL with increased flexibility and applicability
* tight integration with Scala collections:
   a Model (previously called Domain) now extends Scala's immutable Map
   with all the power that gives from Scala's versatile collections

* added document templates for flexible chapter control
* document generation focus on web instead of Latex
type structure revised from scratch
* the data model is given a graph-like strukture
* relations are now generalized, and attributes have a "has"-edge

* "more idiomatic" Scala
* ...
- Still to be backported: latex generation; but Html was more important

version 1.4 2011-11-26 : prioOrder, custom chapter order by prio
 * added operation prioOrder on domains:
 >   var d = Domain(feature("1", prio -> 2),feature("2",prio -> 1))
 >   d.prioOrder
 res3: List[reqT.Ent] = List(Ent(feature,2), Ent(feature,1))
 * result in List[Ent] in ascending order of attribute prio of type Int
 * chapter ordered based on chapter prio:
 >   d += chapter("x", text -> "my text", prio -> 3)
 * will place chapter("x") after all chapters with prio less than 3 and
 * before all chapters with prio more than 3.
 * No prio is interpreted as prio -> Int.MaxValue 

version 1.3 2011-11-26 : custom chapters, changeAll with implicit deprecation

 *  added entity chapter for latex chapter generation:
 >  d += chapter("My Chap", text -> "some text")
 >  d += chapter("My Chap") has (feature("x"),feature("y"))
 *  added changeAll to tranform an entity and make old key deprecated:
 >  d **= feature("x") -> goal("x1")
 // this will implicitly add a relation goal("x1") was feature("x")
 // and also change feature("x") to have gist -> "Deprecated."
 *  improved latex generation
 *  added domain operations: related, unrelated, roots, leafs, intermediates

version 1.2 2011-11-14 : tabSep export/import for integration with spredsheet programs, no auto-creation/revision dates, delete attribute, intersect operator, tables in appendix, bugfix double text

 * export to tabSep: 
 > d tabSep "test" // will save entities to test.txt as a tab separated table 
 * import from tabSep: 
 > importation.tabSep("infile.txt","outfile.scala","nameOfDomainVar") 
:load outfile.scala
 * remove attribute: 
 > d - creation   // will remove attribute creation from all entities in d
 * overview tables moved to appendix in latex generation
 * removed automatic creation and revision dates on student requests
 * new intersect operator:
 >  d1 & d2
 // gives a subdomain with all common keys and
 // Elements of d1 updated with attribute values of d2 if different 
 * bugfix: removed double generation of text attributes in latex

version 1.1 2011-11-14 : settings, precondition, undefined, attribute removal

> d += setting("noTikz") //no tikz package included and no drawings
> d +=
setting("latexPreamble", text -> "\\usepackage{graphics}") 
> d += setting("noContext") //no context chapter generated
> d += task("x", precondition -> "all x are true")
> d.undefined //will give Set of all undefined Ent keys in relations
> d += d.undefined //will add all undefined entities
> d - feature("x", gist) //for removing single attributes

version 1.0  2011-11-01 : Ready for early adopters :-)


reqT is licenced under the GNU GPL Licence
for questions and suggestions contact bjorn regnell